Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They frame your face, emphasize your eyes, and accentuate your expression. Brows are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face. With Microblading you can toss those brow pencils and powders. If your brows are too light in color, if you have a gap in your brows due to a scar or even if your eyebrows are non existent with the help of microblading you won’t have to worry about smudging brows or reapplying throughout your day.



The Eyes are the Jewels of the face. Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. It will only take a few minutes to assess your eye shape and discuss your width and color preference. Whether you like your eyeliner just on the top lip or the bottom lid it is entirely up to you. Subtle and natural or Smouldering and Dramatic; your favourite eyeliner can be done at Microblading Expert and Permanent Makeup by Valentina.


Lip Blush

Who wouldn’t want full luscious lips and a youthful healthy blush of color? After a lip treatment at Microblading Expert and Permanent Makeup by Valentina you never have to worry about smearing lipstick on your teeth, color bleeding past the edges of your mouth during dinner or reapplying that lip tint just to maintain some color.


Hairline Micro

We re-create  your hairline stroke by stroke, reclaiming what has been lost and giving the realistic effect of lush, healthy hair. Rescue your hairline from transparency, and reclaim up-dos and ponytails


Hyaluron Fillers

With the use of an air pressured Hyaluron Pen, Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally produced by the body is infused into the lips and/or face via a no needle ampule to give a natural plump and hydration.



It is now estimated that a fifth of Americans have tattoos; with that figure rising to one in three among the under 30s. So if you are considering on getting your first tattoo, or are keen to get another one, we are here to help you get you your next minimalistic tattoo.


Beautiful caring person. I was very nervous and she was extremely calming and reassuring. She talked me through everything and made me feel comfortable. I loved my eyebrows so much I am now my eyeliner.

Yvette Bookout

Today I went for my eyebrow touch up after getting my eyebrows microbladed five weeks ago...Valentina provided me with after care instructions to ensure the proper healing process took place. I followed the instructions and ended up with no scabbing! Valentina’s professionalism and patience with trying to get my crazy eyebrows to my satisfactory was stellar!! She is AMAZING!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love my eyebrows!

Alicia Edwards

Great experience 🙂 My lips look amazing!

Alexandria Eissinger

Super nice.. talks you through everything when she is microblading. Shows you when she open the blade and material.. she make sure you are comfortable during the process. Can wait to get my touch up 6 weeks from now.

Eva Vazquez


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