In the same way that we make the decision to get a tattoo, at a given time and for different reasons, we can find ourselves in the need to resort to the removal of tattoos with saline water. So it is important that we solve all the frequent doubts, questions that arise when resorting to this type of service.

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of receiving poor permanent makeup or a tattoo that you no longer want for whatever reason? You don’t have to be upset anymore; instead, take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the PhiRemoval Technique!

We are professionally qualified in one of the most well-known tattoo removal processes, PhiRemoval, which is powered by PhiAcademy –The  Best PMU Academy in the World.

How PhiRemoval works?

PhiRemoval is done with the same tool as micro-pigmentation. Glycolic acid is used instead of pigment to push the previous pigment outside the skin. After drawing the original tattoo ink, the tattoo extraction formula begins to operate almost immediately, pushed upwards through the skin.


First Session

   140 min.


Additional Sessions (2-4)

  140 min.

$ 250

Additional Sessions (5- 10)

   140 min.

$ 200

Love love love my eye brows. The shape is absolutely gorgeous and just how I like them.


I really like the shape and color of my eyebrows.


Valentina, you are simply one of the best microblading experts out there.


I had my eyebrow mostly removed from cancer treatment. Valentina made sure to make me get my eyebrows back again.

A Mid-Life WHAT

Valentina does exceptional work! Always professional and so sweet. Extremely knowledgable in her craft. My eyebrows look amazing. If you need it fixed, she can do it. If you need it done, she's the best. Her timeline regarding touch ups, if needed are right on point. You feel like money well spent. I'll happily reccomend her services.


Love Valentina! She does amazing work and really knows how to shape your brows for your specific face. But she also excels at customer service and makes all her guests seem welcome 😊 I love our conversations and always love my brows!

Leah Vanessa ( Leah Vanessa )
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