After Care Products Needed for Every Procedure

You will need these products for the aftercare of your Microblading & PMU Procedure. Make sure you have all these items for the aftercare of your procedure.

Recommended Products for a Better Healing!

If you want to make your healing process easier, we also recommend these products; these are not necessary, but will definitely make your life easier during the healing days.

As part of the aftercare instructions, you want to avoid getting your eyebrows wet during showering for the first 10 days. These visors are disposable and help you protect your eyebrows during showering.

The reason behind avoiding water during showering is to avoid infections from bacteria from tap water. And during Microblading you want to avoid getting anything on your brows that might rub or remove the color during the healing process.

For a better result, you want to make sure you don’t sleep over your freshly done Microblading or Permanent Makeup.

With this travel pillow, you can make sure to keep yourself sleeping face up, to avoid sleeping over your brows, or it’s sides.

There is nothing better than a silk pillow for your hair & skin.

If you want to prolong your microblading & permanent makeup results, and silk pillow is an excellent way. 

Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and will help your skin stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market. 

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.